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Digital Nomad Product Review: Macbook Air 13″

The Perfect Laptop? #spoileralert I love it.

As a travel laptop, the 13″ Air is awesome. Light, thin and beautiful, I feel awesome every time I pull it out of my bag. [One big point I'd like to make here is that I love Mac. I assume you do too if you're reading this. You can call me a pretentious douchebag if you want, but I am on team Mac all the way and I'll never go back.
I travel with an iPhone 4S, an iPad Mini and my laptop, the iPad is a bit of an overkill but good if I need to do some reading or if my phone battery is dead and I need to look at a map or something.]

This review is my opinion of the Macbook Air. It’s not exactly spec-heavy, you can read specs anywhere. Know what you can’t read everywhere? MY EXPERT OPINION. Lol. Well, my opinion, anyways.

I’ve had my Macbook Air for about 2 years. I’ve spent the last two years building my business online, so naturally I’m on it all day. I’m also partial to watching a TV series or two (Game of Thrones? Walking Dead? Parks and Rec? Homeland? Banshee? Black Sails? Orange is the New Black? Etc…) late into the night. Cause I’m a TV show geek. Anyway this all means my poor little laptop gets very little rest.

It’s my own Fault the Battery Life is Failing

Despite this, it’s lasted those two years well, and is almost as fast as the day I got it. The only real difference is that the battery life is down to about 3-4 hours depending on what I’m doing. This is partially due to me keeping it plugged in even when it’s fully charged I guess, which I do quite often. Also, I almost never turn it off – which is probably not a good idea, but it’s so easy just to leave it in sleep mode and then open it up again the next day. It’s wickedly fast opening up from sleep mode. A friend of mine takes at least5 minutes to close down his HP laptop and I can just close mine up and go.

The 13″ is the perfect size laptop. I could probably go down to 11″ without too much hassle, but I like the larger screen and I’m willing to deal with the extra weight.

I’ve heard people say that they have a “travel laptop” or that they’re good using something that was $250. Technically I guess we’re all doing mostly the same things – accessing internet, writing blogs, watching TV shows, storing documents, photos etc. (Well, most of my stuff is in the Cloud anyway so storage isn’t a big deal. I also carry a 500G WD hard drive which is about as big as a pack of cards.)
The thing is, I just like having gear that I like. I could do what I do on a $250 laptop probably, but the Apple experience is second to none. There are lighter laptops. Some laptops that come out of Japan are like shells. But for me, Mac is where it’s at.

I’m also not going to faff about with a second laptop. If this one gets stolen, broken or lost, I’ll have to get a new one. I’m not carrying around some crappy laptop for my trips – especially since digital nomads are constantly on a never ending trip.

What else do I love about the Macbook Air 13″ Laptop?

I can take a picture on my phone and have it on my iPad and laptop immediately. Transitioning from phone to laptop is seamless and so I can take videos and edit them right away, user interfaces are always the same.
I love that I can slot it easily into my backpack and it takes up hardly any space.

What About the Cons?

Obviously I’m hanging out for a model with a super long battery life, or one day even laptops that can charge wirelessly, or something…but at 9-10 hours of battery life out of the box, you could still spend all day in a beach bungalow without charging it, although, you should probably go swimming.

There’s no HDMI connection, but you can get a little adapter..as with any Mac-cessory, they don’t come cheap. The good news is they’re small and last forever (in my experience.)

No retina display. Do I look like I care? No. I don’t need crazy awesome resolution, but I guess if it was on offer or included, I’d go for it. Some people need it – I’m not one of them.

Also, let’s talk about the price. The Macbook Air is cheaper than a Pro, and if you’re using some epic software, the Pro is probably the way to go. But at $999 USD for an 11″ Air, if you’re mostly blogging and surfing the net, who gives two hoots? Save up some money, get what you want.

I always say, get the thing you REALLY want, first time. Then you’ll never be disappointed with it.

The Macbook Air is the perfect laptop for a digital nomad. Sleek and sexy, sure, she’ll cost you an arm and a leg, but you’ll love every minute of your time together. (…the laptop.)